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XPZ Series Stereo Microscopes
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GL6000 Series Stereo Microscopes
GL99 Series Stereo Microscopes
XTL Series Stereo Microscopes
ST Series Change Steps Stereo Microscopes
TL Series Monocular Stereo Microscopes
Universal Stand
High resolution
Horizontal series
Zoom lens series
Electric zoom lens series
Telecentric zoom lens series
Toolsetting instrument series
3D series
Light source selectable for the microscopic video system
Stand and holder selectable for microscopic video system
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About Us


     Guilin Optical Instrument Factory Guilin Guiguang Instrument Co., LTD is a professional manufacture factory and suppliers of stereo microscopes, video microscope systems and optical accessories, Its have strong design capabilities and manufacturing technology, rely accumulation of 40years technology and experience, and company coruscate vitality by change system then recombination, Guilin Guiguang Instrument Co.,LTD already became a lead of design and produce of above-mentioned optical field. In china.

We also make effort tO respond the needs of our dealer base and their customer base,provlding technical
supportservice after the sale,and deslgn improbements to insure that we contlnue to meet the market's
requirements with innovattive newproducts.

We are an IS09001 facility and seek always to provide superior instrumentation at a fair market value;
sacrificing one for the other.We stand ready to serve your needs and to meet your highest expections

Precision lenses
The precision grinding lenses modules of GLO are produced under strict standard
It is a perfection reflection of quality lenses production technology and ensures the pertect presence of clear images

High quality,coating
in order to improve the performances of the lens modules, we have adopted complicated multi-layer coating technology on key lenses, which has
reduced the reflection within wider wavelength range to a maximum degree, and make the image have more advanced clarity and contrast, and restore the true face of the objects observed to a maximum degree

The production and assembly of high quality lens parts
To ensure the precision, the metal lenses fixation and zoom system are completely manufactured by the digital processing center, which has controlled the error in a permissible range The assembly and adjustment
of every part are completed by senior technicians. Therefore it has all met or surpassed the industrial standards

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