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Universal Stand for Microscopes

  • ModelV-7 Universal Stand
ModelV-7 Universal Stand

ModelV-7 Universal Stand

  • Product ID: V-7
  • Product description:
The V-7 Universal Stand features an articulated design, useful when examining difficult, large or unusually shaped components, or when performing involved surgical procedures in animal research. The four parts of the horizontal arm are universally jointed and spring operated to allow movement similar to the human arm. It can achieve a substantial vertical height, exceeding the height of the vertical mounting post by better than 250mm. It can also be adjusted to extend to a level below the workbench  upon which it rests, while still maintaining its stability. The tension on the moving parts is adjustable to maintain a smooth and fluid operation throughout.The baseplate of the V-7 is 254 X 254 X 40mm. The vertical post diameter is a sturdy 38mm and the height is 450mm. The range of movement of the horizontal arm assembly is 240 to 846 mm.

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