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Telecentric Continuous Zoom Lens Series

  • TL-63 Telecentric zoom lens series
TL-63 Telecentric zoom lens series

TL-63 Telecentric zoom lens series

  • Product ID:Long TL-63
  • Product description: TL-63 zoom lens is a high performance zoom lens designed based on telecentric optics. it has an telecentric effect at any magnifications . It can transfer tiny objects in erect images to monitors. TVs

Product Item
Zoom monocular Coaxial illumination zoom monocular Intermal Focus Coaxial illumination zoom monocular
Optical magnification 0.7X-4.5X (Zoom ratio 6.5:1)
0.7X 2X 4.5X
Effective FNO 18.2 12.9 24.1
Depth of field 3.1mm 0.29mm 0.095mm
Resolution 18.6 µm 4.9 µm 3.6 µm
NA 0.018 0.068 0.092
TV distortion -0.05%以下 0.01%以下 -0.02%以下
Lagest Compatible CCD 1/2"
Mount c Mount

The depth of field is the value of parsing images if you user 1/2" CCD camera and montior for level 320 line
(imaging surface concessional confusion circumference:40)
Resolution is the theory resolut on of wavelength in 550nm

Objective W.D.(mm) Optical magnification NA Resolution µm Depth of field TV distortion Largest Compatible CCD
0.5X 180 0.25X-2.25 0.007-0.045 47.9-7.4 16.3-7.4 0.1%以下 1/2"
0.75X 120 0.525X-3.375X 0.01-0.07 33.5-4.7 7.6-0.17 0.05%以下 1/2"
1.5X 60 1.05X-6.75X 0.02-0.13 16.7-2.6 1.9-0.045 0.08%以下 1/2"
2Z 45 1.4X-9X 0.025-0.176 13.4-1.9 1.14-0.025 0.1%以下 1/2"

Magnification: 0 7X-4 5X (focus zooming ratio:6 5:1)
Work distance:90 (mm)
C type CCD connectors: distance to imaging
target surface 17.53mm
Small in disto rtion, high in resolution, large in scope of
field of vision small in chromatic aberration

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