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Fixed Magnification Series

  • WD65(1.5-6) Standard
WD65(1.5-6) Standard

WD65(1.5-6) Standard

  • Product ID:WD65
  • Product description:

Model Magnification W.D mm Depth of field Resolution TV
Largest compatible CCD Mount
DXT1.5-65T/65 1.5x 65mm 0.59mm 7.4 µm O.l%以下 1/2" C Mount
DXT2-65T/65 2X 67mm 0.36mm 6.1 µm O.04%以下 1/2" C Mount
DXT4-65T/65 4X 66.5mm 0.14mm 4.9 µm O.l%以下 1/2" C Mount
DXT6-65T/65 6X 65mm 0.09mm 4.7 µm O.05%以下 2/3" C Mount

The depth of field is the value of parsing images if you user 1/2" CCD camera and montior for level 320 line
(imaging surface concessional confusion circumference:40)
Resolution is the theory resolut on of wavelength in 550nm

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