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About us

Guilin Guiguang Instrument Co., LTD (Former Guilin Optical Instrument Factory) is a professional manufacture factory and suppliers of Stereo Microscopes, video microscope systems and optical accessories, Its have strong design capabilities and manufacturing technology, rely accumulation of 50years technology and experience, and company coruscate vitality by change system then recombination, Guilin Guiguang Instrument Co.,LTD already became a lead of design and produce of above-mentioned optical field. in China.

We also make an effort to respond to the needs of our dealer base and their customer base, providing technical support services after the sale and design improvements to ensure that we continue to meet the market's requirements with innovative new products.

We are an IS09001 facility and seek always to provide superior instrumentation at fair market value; sacrificing one for the other. We stand ready to serve your needs and to meet your highest expectations

Precision lenses

The precision grinding lenses modules of GLO are produced under the strict standard. It is a perfection reflection of quality lenses production technology and ensures the perfect presence of clear images

High quality, coating

in order to improve the performances of the lens modules, we have adopted complicated multi-layer coating technology on key lenses, which has reduced the reflection within wider wavelength range to a maximum degree, and make the image has more advanced clarity and contrast, and restore the true face of the objects observed to a maximum degree.

The production and assembly of high-quality lens parts

To ensure the precision, the metal lenses fixation and zoom system are completely manufactured by the digital processing center, which has controlled the error in a permissible range The assembly and adjustment of every part are completed by senior technicians. Therefore it has all met or surpassed the industrial standards.


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